Check here for an up-to-date list of the books, zines, etc available in our Sexual Assault Centre initiative’s resource library. Resources are listed by topic and are available at the Centre For Gender Advocacy’s 2110 Rue MacKay location.

The following is a list of existing services and resources for sexual assault survivors in the greater Montreal area. Unless otherwise stated, services are open to people of all genders and sexualities – however, please note that even though many services have informed us at they do serve trans people and dis/abled people, they made vary in level of sensitivity, knowledge and accessibility. We suggest calling ahead to make sure that the services you want to access will work for you. If you have concerns about this process, the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy has a team of trained peer support and advocacy volunteers who can help you navigate service access.

Montreal Sexual Assault Centre

(514) 934 – 0354

Crisis line: (514) 934 – 4504

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

Address: 1801, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest. Bureau 400 (fourth floor), Montreal

Services: individual counseling, medical-legal and medical-social information, hospital accompaniment, information and resources.

Wheelchair accessible

Sexual Assault Centre Of McGill (SACOMSS)

Help Line: (514) 398 – 8500

Hours: Mon-Friday: 1pm – 12am, Sat-Sun: 6pm – 12am

Address: 3480 McTavish: Basement of Shatner University Centre, Room B27

Services: Provides support groups for survivors of sexual assault; resource library and helpline available.

Wheelchair accessible

Montreal Assault Prevention Centre

(514) 284 – 1212

fax: (514) 284 1017

Address: CP 237 Succ. Place du Parc

Services: English/French: Provides self-defense workshops for women (trans women and cis women) and children (all genders).

Not wheelchair accessible but an adapted self-defense course is offered in an accessible space

2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy

(514) 848 – 2424 confidential PSA extension: 7880

Hours: 10 am – 5 pm (2110 Mackay location); 1 pm – 7 pm (1500 de Maisonneuve location)

Address: 2110 Mackay, 1st Floor; Suite 404, 1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest.

Services: free and confidential peer support and advocacy; resource library; referrals binder with listing of anti-oppressive counsellors, health care providers, etc.

Wheelchair accessible

Native Friendship Centre of Montreal

(514) 499 – 1854

Address: 2001 Boulevard St. Laurent

Services: English/French.  Provides support groups and individual counseling for people 18 years and older. Focus on Indigenous communities.

Wheelchair accessible

Head and Hands

(514) 481 – 0277

Fax: (514) 481 – 2336

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10am-9:30pm, Friday: 10am – 5pm

Address:  5833 Sherbrooke Ouest.  C.P. 206, Succ. NDG

Services: French/English. Short-term counseling, by phone, appointment or drop in, couples or individuals; safer sex resources; STI testing.  Ages 12-25 only.

Ask about wheelchair accessibility


(514) 529 – 5567

Hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm

Address: 8105 de Gaspe, suite 100, Montreal

Services: French/English. Resource and intervention centre for men sexually abused in their childhood.  Provides support groups for men (trans men and cis men) 18 years and older.  Provides legal counseling.

Offices are not wheelchair accessible, but support groups are.


(514) 285 – 1599 or (514) 285 – 8889 (accepts collect calls from women in prison)

fax: (514) 285 2465

Hours: Monday – Friday 11 am – 5 pm (Tuesdays are 1 pm – 5 pm)

Address: 2065 Parthenais street, Suite 404, Montreal.

Services: French/English. For sex workers by sex workers.  Provides a “bad tricks and assaulters list”.  Provides referral to health services or psychological support.  If you wish to file a complaint against a client or cop you can fill out a description sheet on line, by fax, email, telephone, the mail, or in person.  This can all be done anonymously.



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