Get Involved

This is a community-oriented campaign, and we encourage anybody with an interest in seeing a sexual assault centre at Concordia to get involved!

There are many ways of getting involved in a campaign, all of which require varying degrees of activity and time.

If you have five minutes, you can:

1. Send an e-mail or a letter in support of having a Sexual Assault Centre at Concordia University to the CSU or the Office of the DeanContact us for a template letter; we will have template letters available for download shortly.

2. Sign our petition. We promise we will actually do something with it!

If you have fifteen minutes, you can:

3. Make a phone call to the dean of students or the CSU to express your support for survivors of sexual assault at Concordia.

4. Stop by the 2110 Centre and pick up SAC Now! Campaign fliers, safer sex kits, and info sheets to share with your friends, coworkers and communities.

If you have an hour, you can:

5. Tell us about your experiences dealing with Concordia administration, security, health services, and or student advocacy services as a sexual assault survivor. Whether you want it published on our site under a pseudonym, or just want to talk to someone in confidence, we value your stories and your voices.

6. Write us a letter of support as an ally to sexual assault survivors, or just send us feedback!

7. Take some time to educate yourself about sexual assault centres and policies at other universities, and in Montreal, Quebec and Canada. Check out the Sexual Assault Centre of McGill and the Coalition for a Carelton Sexual Assault Centre for student-run sexual assault centre initiatives, and the policies documented and analyzed at the US-based organization SAFER for an idea of what clear, solid sexual assault policies look like.

If you have a day, you can:

8. Come to a meeting, a teach-in, an action, or any other related event! Upcoming events related to the S.A.C. Now! Campaign will  be announced on our front page, and at the Centre for Gender Advocacy’s website.

9. Plan your own action! If you have an idea for a way to engage in this campaign that hasn’t been mentioned, contact Laura and tell her about it. She’ll be happy to connect you to the larger campaign.

As an active and ongoing campaign, we always have need of volunteers with various skills – in particular, we are looking for translaters, ASL interpreters, writers, researchers and active listeners. We are also in the process of building a resource library and always need donations; for an idea of the kind of resources we’re looking for, check out our Amazon.com wishlist.



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