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Racist violence prompts student organizing at Michigan State

We received word today that students at Michigan State University in the United States have begun mobilizing in response to repeated incidents of racist slurs, vandalism, and threats made against students of colour at the University. Appeals to the administration to deal with this obviously unsafe environment have been met with what could be generously described as apathy.

We at SAC Now! believe that all forms of violence are connected. It is impossible to separate the issue of sexualized violence from the issue of racialized violence, especially in a country where Indigenous women are disproportionately targets of sexualized and domestic violence. It is crucial that we make these connections, and that students at campuses all over the world support each others’ movements to end violence on campus. Just as racism, misogyny, etc on campus do not exist in a vacuum, student movements also do not exist – and can never succeed – in a vacuum.

We’re proud of and inspired by the MSU students and their activism, and wish them success. We urge MSU administration to reconsider their response to the racism going on on their campus and take a more proactive stance against it.


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