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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting involved in our Peer Support and Advocacy program?

Peer Support and Advocacy (PSA) volunteers are dedicated, empathic people willing to give their time, knowledge, and a bit of themselves to others. Their extensive training prepares them to offer the Concordia student community and the community at large an understanding, non-judgmental space where all can come and talk about things that are important to them, get referrals and navigate resources.

If you are interested in becoming a PSA volunteer, you will be provided with 40 hours of training. It is important to note that this training is mandatory and must be completed. After you are trained, the following volunteer opportunities will be open to you: offering peer support by appointment or drop-in; staffing our space to help people access resources or referrals; helping to create and update the resources; and acting as a support at events where people may be triggered (reminded of a painful experience that could create a negative response).

PSA training will be required of anyone who wants to volunteer for the Sexual Assault Centre initiative doing accompaniment, crisis intervention, and hotline work, so if any of those things sound interesting to you, don’t hesitate to get involved in PSA training.

To register as PSA volunteer, please contact Gabrielle at psa@centre2110.org

If you’re so passionate about peer support and advocacy that volunteering at just one organization isn’t going to be enough for you, the Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students Society is looking for volunteers for their Outreach Branch as well.

The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) is a volunteer-run organization committed to supporting survivors of sexual assault and their allies through direct support, advocacy, and outreach. SACOMSS is a pro-survivor, pro-feminist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-classist, queer-positive, trans-positive and anti-oppressive organization. The Outreach Branch of SACOMSS aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding sexual assault and consensual sex through facilitated discussions with youth and community groups (the majority of workshops take place in high schools).

Training for SACOMSS’s Outreach Brach is 40 hours, and starts with a low-pressure interview in mid-September. If you’re interested in volunteering with SACOMSS, you can be in touch with them at outreach@sacomss.org.


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