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What Are We Working With? Looking At Concordia’s Policies

In the wake of an amazing workshop with organizers from SAFER, we sat down to a thorough examination of the policies and services that currently exist at Concordia to provide support for survivors of sexual assault. While we knew the situation was bad – we did lots of research and education on the situation at … Continue reading

Reminder: SAFER panel and workshop this Friday and Saturday!

-Francais ci-dessous- Students Stand Up! At colleges and universities all over North America, it has historically been students who have led the charge to challenge oppressive policies, improve campus culture, and create effective services for survivors of sexual assault. Join organizers from US-based movement builders Students Active For Ending Rape on Campus (SAFER Campus), as … Continue reading

Correction To Our “Consent Is Sexy” Pamphlets

If you’re at Concordia, you have have (hopefully!) seen our new pamphlets on safer sex and consent, titled “Consent Is Sexy/Let’s Talk About it”. In the section of the pamphlet on On-Campus Resources, the blurb about the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy states that: The Centre for Gender Advocacy is the site of Concordia’s Sexual … Continue reading

Concordia’s Policies Revised; Sexual Assault Policy Neglected (Again)

I got an e-mail today from Concordia Internal Communications, a reminder sent to students at Concordia that: Concordia University has a number of policies, covering topics such as behaviour, student life and academics, human resources and employee relations, operations, safety and security. Policies are important because they guide the university’s practice and help ensure our … Continue reading

Support From the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta sent us a wonderful letter of support, for us to share with Concordia’s students, faculty, staff, and administrative bodies. In it, they talk about the ways in which having a sexual assault centre on their campus has directly benefitted the U of A community, and why they feel sexual assault centres … Continue reading

Appraisal of the Ombuds Office – Call For Comments

The Concordia University Board of Governers is striking an Appraisal Committee on September 28th, to carry out their obligation of conducting regular reviews of the operations of the university’s Ombuds Office. The purpose of the Ombuds Office is stated as being to “provide an impartial and confidential service to members of the University who have … Continue reading

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in getting involved in our Peer Support and Advocacy program? Peer Support and Advocacy (PSA) volunteers are dedicated, empathic people willing to give their time, knowledge, and a bit of themselves to others. Their extensive training prepares them to offer the Concordia student community and the community at large an understanding, non-judgmental space where … Continue reading

Here It Goes Again

Today is the first day of Fall semester classes at Concordia, which means that for many students, it’s their first day of class. The beginning of September is always an exciting and busy time for us at the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy – with our annual orientation event series, which this year features Nobel … Continue reading

Solidarty With the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre

We received word today at the 2110 Centre for Gender Advocacy that the student union at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario is taking steps to evict their Levana Gender Advocacy Centre – along with OPIRG Kingston and the Education on Queer Issues Project – over a technical infraction (which has been committed by many other … Continue reading

New poster for Students Stand Up! + Students Get Organized!

We’re so excited about this panel and workshop! We hope to see you there, joining us in discussion with SAFER and SACOMSS organizers about their experiences in student-led movements against sexualized violence. Let’s start a dialogue at Concordia about sexual assault, harassment, and domestic violence – the ways they impact students lives, how these students … Continue reading